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Reviews of Anna McP books on www. poolbeg.com

Reviewed by Anonymous
Excellent book I would higly recommend it. Anna Mc Partlin is so witty and funny. This book is so well writtin, once you start it you will not leave it down.
April 2010
This review applies to the So What If I’m Broken version.

So What If I’m Broken
Reviewed by Patricia Lewis from South Wales
Another excellent book by Anna McPartlin.
Enjoyed every page of it. Bring on the next book
Anna. Can’t wait.
February 2010
This review applies to the So What If I’m Broken version.

pack up the moon
Reviewed by 15 year old book freak from Australia
I love this book. It got everything going for it. It felt like going through an emotional rollercoaster. It was sad, funny, suspenseful. Although down here in down under it’s called “Because you are with me” Can’t get over how fantastic this book was must thank my sister can’t wait to read “No way to say goodbye”
September 2009
This review applies to the Pack up the Moon version.

Pack up the MOON
Reviewed by Harmony from North carolina, USA
FABULOUS! This is the best book i have read in several years. I enjoyed every minute of it! I cant wait for Apart from the Crowd.
July 2008

Reviewed by Lisa Whelan from Dublin
An absolutely fabulous read! Enjoyed Pack up the Moon and Apart from the Crowd so much I kept hounding my local book shop asking them when the third book was out! Bought it last week and finished it already. It’s another cracker from Anna! The characters are so real there’s a bit of someone you know in every single one of them. Laughed out loud and cried quietly at different parts but thoroughly enjoyed every page.
March 2008

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  1. Rosemarie 27 July 2010 at 12:49 pm Permalink

    So What if I’m Broken.
    A friend of mine came to visit, for a week, we had a great time doing nothing much, she read and read and told me how great the book was she was reading!!!
    She left the book after her, but I said I wouldn’t read it as my reading list is more spiritual heavy finding the answers to everything reading.
    She left the book, the book and I kept noticing each other regardless of where it was made stay.
    The book was opened, with no intention of it being read just a fiddling motion had taken place.
    The first page was read and the book told me it’s story, it made me cry and lauch- I let the story seep and I could relate to every person in the book and when it was finished I regretted saying good bye to the people I had shared their story with and now I am a buying all your books!!!!!!!!
    Thank you and keep writing for goodness sake keep writing.

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