Pack up the Moon

An extraordinary novel brimming with love, passion, deep sadness and hope.

Pack-Up-The-Moon-cover_sm-434Pack Up the Moon is an extraordinary novel brimming with love, passion, deep sadness and hope. Heart-breakingly touching (we challenge you not to cry!), Pack Up the Moon heralds a new star in women’s fiction.

This is the story of Emma, an ordinary girl living an ordinary life. She fell in love at 14 with John and then 12 years later her world is turned upside down.

Somehow she will make it through but only with her the help of her friends:

There’s Frank, her brother, he used to be a pest, now he’s a priest. He is there for Emma when she needs him, but secretly he has his own crisis to sort out.

Clodagh is her best friend. She’s sexy and streetwise, a career woman who has never suffered from failure except when it comes to her love life.

Sean is John’s best friend since college and very different to him. – the kind of guy for whom girls form a queue. A slut he most definitely is, but arrogance is not a trait that inspires him. After one thousand one-night stands he is ready to settle down.

Then there’s Fran and Richard …

Fran is the group Mammy, born to be a mother. She just has to talk Richard round to her way of thinking. Richard is kind and sweet and he loves his wife, he’s just not used to not getting his own way. He has a life plan and so far he’s right on track.

Emma will survive. Along with her friends support she will begin to flourish again.


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Some Reviews for Pack Up The Moon

“Anna McPartlin’s debut novel, Pack Up the Moon, is a heartfelt and humorous tale which is both original and witty. McPartlin’s vibrant and believable characters give the story real depth. Highly engaging”

Caitriona Bennett, Argosy Books

“crisply written, insightful and moving”

Sunday Independent, 1/1/06

“This is a novel that will bring tears of laughter to the reader’s eyes…Anna McPartlin has restored my belief in the possibility of ‘happily ever after’ ”

Ireland on Sunday, 8/01/06



Pack up the Moon captures the pain of loss and longing and all the ordinary things in between”.

Irish Independent 28/1/06

“…proving that laughter really is the best medicine”.

Irish Independent 28/1/06

“sassy” “refreshing” “…such a good book” “the characters develop fabulously” “the only book I ever cried reading”

The Afternoon Show reviewed on Bookclub 03.05.06

“…it made me literally burst out laughing…”

Lynsey Dolan, Dublin Country Mix 106.8FM 15.11.06