The Space Between Us

Thespacebetweenus-434Can former best friends ever trust one another again?

Eve and Lily were childhood best friends until a huge falling-out as teenagers meant they stopped speaking. Seventeen years later, Eve is involved in a horrific accident, suddenly bringing them face to face.

Waking in hospital, Eve is shocked to find Lily by her side. But Lily is merely doing her duty as a nurse, while Eve is lost in pain and grief. Over the months of Eve’s recovery both at last confront their traumatic past and tentatively share the details of their messy lives. Eve sees that Lily must escape an impossible marriage, while Lily knows that Eve has to accept her actions have consequences.

With their friendship given a second chance by crisis, Eve and Lily must learn to trust one another all over again. But little do they suspect that their reunion is under a threat that will change the future forever….

‘A touching story of friendship, courage and love… we couldn’t put it down.’

‘A great yarn about characters you really care about and plenty of laughter and tears.’

‘Another stunning novel… for me she ranks up there with Marian Keyes.’